Experience Unlocks Doors!

Hi guys, this week has beena whirlwind of family things, but I thought I would upload this little post in the hope it helps someone like myself! As my degree is not directly linked to my proposed career path, I have taken the last year to try and gain as much experience as possible to be able to become more employable in my field. This post is based on my own experiences, there are lots of other ways to gain experience but I hope sharing my own tips will help you! Enjoy.

1. Use LinkedIn to search for job/ voluntary roles and groups

LinkedIn is a great way to start, it tailors role ads to your cv, depending on your experience and where you live. It is also a great place to find groups to join that post related content. Following tags is the simplest way to start, for example I follow #digitalmarketing which is regularly updated with interesting posts.

2. Try and gain experience with firms near you

I am lucky enough to live in a small town, so it was easy enough to email a few companies that I thought might be able to help me out. Fortunately enough, one guy from the digital marketing team at a small advertising company emailed me back and agreed to take me on for a couple of weeks at Christmas. This was great experience as the company was tiny (only 5/6 people!) and the digital marketing team was made up solely of him! It was very hands on and I was really immersed in the work which showed me that I did indeed want to go into digital marketing as I thoroughly enjoyed my time!

3. Apply for voluntary roles

I have recently become the social marketing assistant for a charity in my county. I help curate and schedule facebook and twitter posts that advertise voluntary roles for 100s of charities and encourage people to get involved! The role is fairly fast paced as new charities sign up each day, however we do face challenges as in the current climate, we are actually advertising more for charities to sign up as we have such a surplus of volunteers! I found this job through simply searching ‘social media roles near me’ on google, which is honestly the best place to start!

4. Join Facebook groups

I mentioned in my last post about ‘Gals who graduate’ and ‘Girls in marketing’, both of which are very positive groups. Both groups, especially the marketing related one post job advertisements that they find on LinkedIn that might be relevant to other members. This a great way to find a role as the group is full of likeminded people so the likelihood is that the role will be something you want! It is also great for asking questions of people in a similar position to you or who may have already been through it, so definitely ask for they’re help!

5. Participate in online certifications or internships

Over lockdown, I have been trying to complete as many online courses as I can. A good place to look for these, if you’re looking at digital marking related ones, is the google digital garage and futurelearn. I have also started an 3 day internship with ‘Brightside’, in ‘Business, Operations and Marketing’, which was free to join and you also gain a certificate from! It involves networking with business professionals and learning key skills within this business realm.

These are my key tips for gaining experience, especially in digital marketing. Don’t panic if you get half way through your degree and realise its not the path you want to take or, like me, have an non-tailored degree. I am still so glad I chose sociology as my degree, as until recently I had no idea what career path I want to take. I still love my degree and it will still help me on the road to where I want to go, so be grateful for what you have and use it!!

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