Boost the positive vibes!

Hey guys, sorry for the poor uploads, I’ve been trying to spend my time enjoying the sun whilst it lasts! I thought I would make a simple post today on the ways I’ve been keeping up my morale recently, from things to do, people to follow and groups to join!

  1. Join the group ‘Gals Who Graduate

This group is full of like-minded young women who will literally chat about anything and everything! (You might want to skip this one if it doesn’t apply to you, but trust me, if this is you, thank me later). This group is incredible, posting about everything from periods to graduate jobs, from buying a home to how to deal with stress; if you can think of a topic there will be a post, and if there isn’t, you can post one yourself! I honestly cannot rave about this group enough, having asked for advice on the page myself, the replies have been amazing, with only the greatest kindness tolerate, this is sure to help you out with problems you didn’t even know you had! (I recommend the Facebook group the most)

Facebook: Gals who Graduate

Linkedin: Gals who Graduate

Instagram: Gals who Graduate

2. Baking

This will probably come to no surprise to you all, but I have loved baking. I haven’t been baking as much now I’ve moved back to my uni house but I’ve still been baking here and there. I made a great apple crumble last night from a student cookbook which was very nice, and it was literally just to use up leftover ingredients!

3. Volunteering

I have recently started volunteering with a local volunteering centre! I currently help create posts to post on their accounts to recruit volunteers for over 800 charities. It is all based from home and I have zoom meetings with the man who oversees the operation whenever I feel I need it. I honestly cannot recommend volunteering enough, it is benefitting my skillset and keeping me busy, as I work as little or as often as I want, meaning I am never bored yet also never bogged down! If you are in the Oxfordshire area and want to know more about opportunities similar to my own, leave me a comment and I will get in touch!

4. Using LinkedIn

I’ve had my LinkedIn profile for a few months now, maybe even a year, and I’m really starting to build up my network of like-minded people who share inspiring posts. The accounts I recommend connecting with most are Elfried Samba (head of social content at Gymshark) and The Female Lead, as these two accounts promote regular, motivation quotes and posts, that often make me second guess some preconceptions. You can easily tailor your LinkedIn page to your interests, my feed is FULL of marketing solutions and ideas for content creation, but this is not the case for everyone. There is so much positivity on LinkedIn, as everyone shares their achievements and congratulates each other on new positions; an overall positive rabbit hole.

5. Listening to the podcast ‘The Girls Bathroom

I’ve been listening to the podcast for around 7 months now and I LOVE it!! (Again, depending on your interests it may not be something you enjoy). It’s such a refreshing break from work or stress, a hour a week just laughing at the girls trying to navigate other people’s problems the same way anyone would. It literally like listening to a recorded tape of you and your bestfriend talking through your problems; hilarious yet somewhat insightful. On the more serious side, the girls do chat about some important issues such as employment, university and health, which often goes unspoken. Overall a great podcast, funny yet insightful.

6. Spending time with friends doing nothing

Often, when I see my friends there is alcohol involved, often leading up to a night out. As the clubs have remained shut in England, this has been off the cards so we have had much more trips to the park or the beach, and nights in watching Disney+ and playing on the Nintendo Switch. It is so important to spend quality time with people, especially as after next year we probably won’t see each other very often as we start the next chapter of our lives.

Let me know what you guys have been doing recently to keep yourself going! I am also in the process of creating a Tumblr page to go alongside this blog and would be very grateful if you could check it out. If you would like me to also create an Instagram page, please do let me know. Stay Safe!

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