The Life of a Final Year Student in the Current Climate

Hey! It's been a while since I updated the blog, I've been slacking due to starting uni again and having things going on in my personal life. So, I thought I'd make a little catch up post to let you know what I've been up to, and what has changed with regards to uni, as… Continue reading The Life of a Final Year Student in the Current Climate


My top tips for Instagram success

Hey everyone, a short but sweet one today! I thought I would talk you through the easiest changes you can make to your page to boost aestheticism and in turn engagement and following. These are the tips I often given to clients initially before I outline the templates I can create for them and advise… Continue reading My top tips for Instagram success


Experience Unlocks Doors!

Hi guys, this week has beena whirlwind of family things, but I thought I would upload this little post in the hope it helps someone like myself! As my degree is not directly linked to my proposed career path, I have taken the last year to try and gain as much experience as possible to… Continue reading Experience Unlocks Doors!


Boost the positive vibes!

Hey guys, sorry for the poor uploads, I've been trying to spend my time enjoying the sun whilst it lasts! I thought I would make a simple post today on the ways I've been keeping up my morale recently, from things to do, people to follow and groups to join! Join the group 'Gals Who… Continue reading Boost the positive vibes!


Guide to Netflix: What to watch when

Hey guys, how are we all? I've had a great week this week, going on walks with my boyfriend (we're reunited at last), eating naughty foods (whoops) and just generally feeling a lot more positive. One of the things my boyfriend and I were doing whilst apart but also still now we're together is watching… Continue reading Guide to Netflix: What to watch when

Social Media & Digital Marketing

How to grow your presence on Instagram

Hey guys, something a bit different today. As I use social media a lot for personal use and want to pursue a career doing it, I thought I would share some really simple tricks on how to grow your Instagram, mainly aimed at personal accounts but you can also utilise these tips in similar ways… Continue reading How to grow your presence on Instagram


Book Review: The Girl Before

Hi guys, sorry my post is a bit late this week, I've been out enjoying the sunshine! As promised, today I have a review of the book I mentioned in the last post and, as I thought, I read it within a week of purchasing it because it was so gripping! If you enjoyed The… Continue reading Book Review: The Girl Before


Book Review: The Testaments

Hey! I hope everyone is well, what have you been up to? Remember you can send me any of your bakes, book reviews or lockodown ideas on Instagram. I've been continuing with my quest to read more books, and was very pleased when a friend was able to lend me this one as I loved… Continue reading Book Review: The Testaments


Recipe: Smartie Cookies

Hi everyone, I hope you are all okay. I'm back with another recipe today, as the endless stream of lockdown baking continues. I have had this recipe saved for a while now, probably a few years, as my brother and I still mourn the loss of Waitrose smartie cookies from their bakery; they were the… Continue reading Recipe: Smartie Cookies